Top 4 Dragon Games For Kids – when you can’t play Skyrim

2012 may have been the Chinese Year of the Dragon, but 2013 has made this beast the next big thing with the new Skyrim game making its way to stores. Great news for all those serious gaming teens, but what about dragon games for kids?

dragon games for kids - Dungeon & Dragons

Image from a popular dragon game – can you guess which one?

If the MA-15+ rating does not appeal to you, here are some more age-appropriate dragon games for kids:


4. Spyro

An oldie but a goodie. Making its way back with its latest game: Skylanders. Skylanders is available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, Wii U and PC. So far, there’s two editions: Skylanders and Skylanders Giants, but another release is expected to come out around October. The new title, Skylanders Swap Force will also be available for the new PlayStation 4 (in itself rumoured to revolutionise the way we game).

For those not familiar with the very popular Skylanders, it uses figurines kids can collect and place on a ‘portal’ that comes with the game. Your figure then appears on the screen – kids love this interactivity! Your character then makes their way through the game to defeat Kaos and his evil minions.¬†

The downside? If you don’t continue to collect the extra, separately sold, figurines, it’s almost impossible to continue through the games.

3. DragonVale

DragonVale is a game for Apple and Android devices.

In this dragon game for kids, you get to create a park and raise dragons. It’s like taking Nintendo Dogs to a whole new mystical level! Along the journey of raising your pet dragon, there are mini games to unlock special edition dragons.

You begin on a virtual floating island with nothing but trees and rocks. The island is transformed (by you) into an amazing park containing all your dragons.

This game can be very addictive – you’re going to want to collect all those dragons! Some of the waiting times for activities are ridiculous, so hopefully the developers will work on that glitch.

Magic The Gathering 20142. Magic: The Gathering

Magic is easily one of the best trading card games around. It has a MASSIVE following.

Created in 1998 and was established by the Wizards of The Coast, the game contains not just Dragons, but many other fantastical creatures and races. It’s sold in decks, and kids will want to hunt for those more elusive cards that will make them invincible in the battles to come.

Around 2011 it recorded a whopping 12million people as dedicated players! Magic; The Gathering has won over 10 awards and is still one of the most popular games.

Now there’s even a version for your gaming console, so beginners can learn how to play: Magic 2014 – Duels of the Planewalkers.

And now, my pick for the number one dragon game for kids…

Dungeons & Dragons - my favourite!1. Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons is a role playing game by Wizards of the Coast (my favourite gaming company!).

Commonly called D&D, Wizards of the Coast describe this game as:

… an imaginative, social experience that engages players in a rich fantasy world filled with larger-than-life heroes, deadly monsters, and diverse settings.

In this game you get to be a thieving rogue, healing sorceress or warrior dwarf (just to name a few options, there are many more). You band together with some unlikely allies¬†and head off on an adventure, facing many dangers along the way. You’ll never get bored, instead of using a set game board, this game changes for ever adventure you undertake. Sometimes you’ll be wandering green hills, socialising in taverns or exploring dusty dungeons.

My favourite part of this game? Getting to battle and squish a good deal of goblins. What kid wouldn’t want to squish goblins?

Even my mum likes this game because we all play as a team, backing eachother in battles, and, splitting loot. It’s the one game where we are not playing AGAINST eachother – no more fights between family members!

The downside: There’s a big learning curve with this game. We scrambled through the many guides and books of rules just to get started. This makes the game complicated for younger kids. It’s also not a game you can play on your own. You need a team, otherwise you’re up against all those goblisn with no hope of winning!

As far as dragon games for kids go, this is probably more for teens and up.

Role Playing Games

You can slay dragons, or befriend them!

The Solution:

Our family took on this game as complete beginners just a year ago and now I’m taking my audience through the set up, instructions and game plans to become great D&D gamers without all the difficult jargon and complications. iTeenGeek will be offering a range of solutions to make D&D easy for even very young players! Stay tuned, we’ll be announcing a very exciting launch very soon. Join iTeenGeek as a subsciber if you don’t want to miss out (it’s free)!

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