How to play D&D for beginners – character sheet

You’ve been hearing a bit about this game Dungeons & Dragons, maybe googled it forHow to play D&D for beginners some more info, or perhaps you’ve jumped in and purchased the game. Very exciting… until… you open the instructions and realise you may need a degree in Wizardry to understand how to play D&D.

I can still remember how excited we were when mum pulled out the shiny new D&D game box she’d bought on a whim. We couldn’t wait to play. We had to. It took us three guide books and days of Internet searches to even find out what the heck a d20 was (it’s a 20 sided dice by the way).

Once you learn the rules, there’s no better game. Here at iTeenGeek, you’ll find some shortcuts to learn how to play D&D.

How to play D&D for beginners – character sheet:

To start with, you’ll need a character to play. Watch the following video to see how to get your character sheet…

Link for character sheet: Website:

In the next video, I’ll help you with building your character. In the meantime, do you have your game set? Everything you need to play is included…

How to play D&D